All sellers of property in the City of Easton shall be required to advise the purchasers of the legal use and condition of such property and to deliver to the purchaser prior to the execution of the agreement of sale for such property a Buyer Notification Inspection Report and Certificate.

To order a Buyer Notification Inspection:

Contact the Bureau of Codes at 610-250-6724 within five days of listing the property for sale to schedule a buyer notification inspection.

The following information is needed:

  • Agent name, address, phone
  • Owner name, address, phone
  • Property address
  • Use of property, i.e., single-family detached, two-family, mixed-use, etc

Make arrangements for someone to meet the code officer(s) at the premises. They can not use lock boxes.

The inspection fee (cash or check made payable to the City of Easton) must be submitted to the Code Office prior to the inspection date. View the fee schedule. Upon completion of the inspection, a report will be prepared and forwarded to the property owner and/or agent.

Included in packet:

  • Buyer Notification Inspection Report
  • Buyer Notification Inspection Receipt

BNI Report must be forwarded to the buyer and the BNI Receipt must be completed and returned to the Code Office. When violations are abated owner/agent/buyer shall contact the Code Office to schedule a Certificate of Compliance Inspection.

Note: Any change of use to a property (convert from two-family to single, mixed-use to two-family) must receive zoning approval prior to inspection. A property will be inspected according to its use.