Health Department

The City of Easton Health Bureau Activities

Food Safety

  • Inspectional activities - new and renovated facilities, changes of ownership, change of use, emergencies, food-borne illness investigation, routine inspections
  • Plan reviews for all new and renovated facilities
  • Licensing of all eating and drinking establishments, retail food establishments, food manufacturing sites, caterers, mobile food vendors, food warehouses, and special events
  • Food employee certification training - ensure compliance with Act 131 through coordination with training agencies to insure adequate course availability

Complaints & Requests For Information

  • Respond independently or with other agencies on public health-related issues
  • Respond to requests for information, both regulatory and educational, from the public and commercial ventures

Interagency Coordination

Coordinate with city, county, state, and federal agencies to insure standardization and cooperation on public health-related issues

Special Events

  • Review overall plans for special events, to insure compliance with food service regulations, availability of potable water, liquid and solid waste disposal, petting zoo guidelines, environmental guidelines, safety considerations
  • Regulate horse-drawn carriage operations within the city

Easton Farmers Market - Indoor/Outdoor

Provide guidance, liaison, approval, inspection, and licensing for food operations

Handicapped Parking

Conduct interviews and field evaluations prior to approval and issuance of handicapped parking permits

Lead Paint Abatement Program

Coordinate with lead paint program contractor as a follow-up to elevated childhood blood lead levels

Water Termination

Conduct interviews and make the final determination of public health considerations during the water termination enforcement phase with other City agencies

Health Fairs

  • Conduct health fairs for city employees, where medical health and nursing professionals are available for informational and health screening activities
  • Coordinate with the PA Department of Health and other public health agencies for immunization programs for city employees
  • Conduct AIDS/HIV training for all city employees

Public Meetings

  • Active participant in Lehigh Valley area health agency meetings
  • Prepare and present Health Bureau-sponsored training programs on a variety of public health issues
  • Make presentations explaining the role and function of the Health Bureau at community-sponsored meetings

Lafayette College Housing Activities

  • Conduct inspections of fraternity, sorority, and living unit housing
  • Conduct inspections of food preparation and service areas in College social living areas
  • Conduct training and consultation on general sanitation issues

Additional Activities

  • Development of tattoo parlor regulations
  • Citywide eight-week cockroach extermination program for the control of the oriental cockroaches throughout the City
  • Fielding a large amount of phone calls on a daily basis with health-related issues such as West Nile Virus, AIDS, Salmonella, E coli, rats, mosquitoes, mad cow, listeria, and other biological and environmental concerns
  • Assist with any food recalls as ordered by the FDA - USDA - PA Department of Health or the PA Department of Agriculture

Additional Information