Dog Parks


  • To create well-maintained, off-leash public spaces where well-behaved canine citizens can exercise in a clean and safe environment
  • To help develop a more educated and caring community of dog owners who will uphold the park's rules and regulations for the betterment of all users
  • To cultivate a sense of stewardship among park users and view the dog parks as community assets that satisfy the needs of dog owners and their 4-legged companions


The City of Easton maintains two Dog Parks. One is located along the Karl Stirner Arts Trail and the other is located in Hugh Moore Park.

Health & Safety Requirements

All park users must have their dogs up to date on the following vaccinations:


DHPP is a yearly vaccine administered to immunize your dog against (D) distemper, (H) hepatitis, (P) parainfluenza, and (P) parvovirus.


PA code (16.41 Rabies Vaccination Required) states, "A person living in this Commonwealth owning or keeping a dog or cat over 3 months of age shall have the dog or cat vaccinated against rabies under the act and this chapter."

Canine Bordetella

Bordetella, also known as kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory condition that affects a high amount of dogs. Canine Bordetella is spread from dog to dog. It is often passed when there is a high amount of dogs in one contained area, such as with boarding kennels, shelters, obedience classes, dog parks, and dog daycare facilities. Infected dogs are not permitted in the dog park.


All dogs must be in good health. Owners will be responsible to ensure their dog is in good health with no communicable condition which could potentially jeopardize other dogs. Male dogs are required to be neutered. Female dogs are not permitted in the park while in heat.

PA Dog License

In accordance with Pennsylvania State law, all dogs are required to have a current license.

Dogs don't break rules because they want to; they do it because we let them. Proper training is essential to create a safe and structured environment in which our dogs can flourish.

City of Easton Dog Park Incident Notification Procedure

Park patrons should feel free to direct any questions or concerns regarding the City's dog parks to the City Recreation Office at 610-250-6711 or by email. If an owner would like to file a formal report or make the City aware of an ongoing dog park situation, an Incident Report form should be completed. The Incident Report will enable us to document occurrences and properly investigate and resolve the concerns of our dog owners. 

Dog Incident Report Form (PDF)