Government History

City Hall with FlagFounded in 1752 by Thomas and John Penn Easton played a key role in the Revolutionary War and was the site of the third public reading of the Declaration of Independence. George Taylor whose original homestead is still located at the corner of Fourth and Ferry Streets was a signer of the document that became America's birth certificate.

Easton was incorporated as a borough in 1789 and as a city on January 12, 1887. At that time it was a city of the Third class under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

On January 31, 1972, Easton adopted the Mayor-Council Plan A (strong Mayor) form of government. The Mayor was the Chief Executive and Administrative officer. City Council consisted of five elected officials and served as the legislative branch of the city government. There were five members of the City Council.

In November 2007 the voters in the city adopted a Home Rule Charter which provides for a Mayor-On-Council form of government. The Mayor continues to be a full-time position but also serves as the Chairperson of the City Council and is a voting member of the Council. The intent is to build a system of professionalized, efficient, and fiscally sound local government.

This new Charter also increases the size of the City Council from 5 to 7 with three of the members serving as District Council Members. Initiative and Referendum opportunities were also provided for in the Charter which helps to achieve to honesty and accountability in our city government.