City Parks

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There are two kinds of parks in the City of Easton: active and passive. Our parks range in size from pocket parks (the size of a single building lot) to dozens of acres.

Active parks are parks that have an established piece of equipment, court, or field in which to play or recreate. These are designed for families to play and enjoy the outdoors. Many of our active parks include ball fields, basketball courts, and large play structures designed for children under 12.

Passive parks are parks that provide a bench or seating on which you can relax. There are no set pieces of equipment for play. Some passive parks provide a city view and seats to enjoy it. Many of our passive parks include statues or memorabilia dedicated to periods in the city's history.

Active Parks

List of Active Parks and Facilities

Passive Parks

  • 7th Street Park
  • 8th Street Park
  • Butz Park
  • Cannon Park
  • Circle Park
  • Kennedy Park
  • McKeen Park
  • Porter School